Ron H. Ron H.

I'm new at this so bear with me. I tried to used your Jet Black Acid Dye, immersion style, to die some braided nylon string, 1.4 mm, which I use to whip the handles of my walking and hiking sticks. I bought the dye from Amazon and thought I was following the directions on the back for "stovetop" dying. Unfortunately the copy on the jar didn't include the vinegar in the stovetop section of instructions. When I finished up and rinsed the string, all the dye washed out.

So I came here and read the online instructions in which the vinegar was included. Having saved the pot with the dye I tried it again, this time adding the vinegar. Same result.

Any advice?

Ron H. from Maine
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pburch pburch
Acid dyes can work well with nylon, but there are two possible problems with the material you are trying to dye.

It could be that the string you are trying to dye is not actually nylon, as you thought, but instead polyester. Sometimes fibers are mislabeled when you buy them. The [U][URL=]fabric identification page[/URL][/U] describes a way to check your fiber content.

If the string is nylon, but has been coated with wax, a DWR (durable water repellent) finish, oils used to aid spinning, or any other surface coating, dye will be unable to reach the fiber.

Is there another string from a different source that you can use?

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