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A local museum (Dscovery World) had a one hour class for kids where the children used permanent markers to draw design on T-shirt & then flooded the design with rubbing alcohol. This was to give a 'tie-dye' affect. I m trying to learn which brand(s) could have been used to get that reaction. I have been experimenting with perm. markers I already own & found that Bic Mark-It Markers seem to work the best. Unfortunately, they are the fine-point markers & I think their "ink" will run out soon. In the event that I can't locate this brand again, etc., would your Tee-Juice Markers react with the alcohol like I want it to? I did call the museum & am waiting for someone to get back to me with info. But, you nice folks are more reliable. Thanks for any help.
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golfingcrafter golfingcrafter
Hello Crafters & Happy Mom's Day to the ladies in this group!

I did receive information from the Discovery World Museum about the brand of perm. markers used in the children's tee shirt project. They used Sharpie brand & I did go out to obtain an 8 color package. I've experimented some more & found that results are not instantaneous - a little patience is needed. Still wondering how the Tee Juice Markers would react to a saturation of rubbing alcohol. I plan on trying some other products I have on hand like Dyna-Flow Dyes, Lumiere, etc. with things like reaction to bleach, rubbing alcohol - but NOT ALL AT ONCE! That dumb I'm not. Don't want to blow up my condo.......Hope I'll hear from some of you artists out there.
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kwiltabeest kwiltabeest
I use the Bic brand that I got from Staples and also the Sharpie brand.
Some colors work faster/better than others. The greens don't seem to bleed as well. The black goes to a great deep purple (both brands).
The pinks, blues and yellows do well, but when you get into the deeper reds, purples, browns, they seem more "locked".
Best thing I've found is to make a sample of each color (on your intended fabric type if possible) and label the colors so you can predict within reason what the bleed rate will be.
Have fun.
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Celia Buchanan Celia Buchanan
Try our TeeJuice Markers they are great on all types of fabric and come in Fine medium and broad Tips...
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