Matilda Tran
Hi there, I dyed 2 sets of linen Queen size quilt cover sets with idye pink for natural fabrics. Colour took very well bit a bit bright for my liking. How do I tone it so it's more dusty rose pink colour? Pics below. Thanks IMG_20200209_180314.jpg  images (1).jpeg 
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Jacquardmod Jacquardmod
2 ways to do this.  You can add some brown or green.  The green is the complementary color, I would use Kelly green at 5% or less.  Meaning I would dissolve the packet in a quart and then take 1/20 of that and dye with it. You can add slightly more if you need more dulling

Something similar with the brown, but you probably need more like 1/10 of the brown packet.  
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