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(I did upload a pic but it's TINY! The file limit size on this site is 39mb, which is absurd. Especially since this is supposed to be a place where you can go for pix of projects. If you want to see a larger image, email me at [email][/email])

If you go thrifting, you'll find lots of bedding on the racks. Some of it is thin & cheap, but sometimes you can find truly fine high thread count cotton sheets, silky & heavy. Such a lot of fabric for so little money! I wondered what I could do with it.

I got some, cut them into squares, turned & ironed & sewed the corners, then dyed them. It would have been faster to just buy new fabric in some useful print but I enjoyed the reuse aspect of this project.

To dye, I soaked them as usual in soda ash. Then I spread one napkin at a time in the sink & sprinkled powdered dye straight from the jar. I smeared it aorund with my gloved fingers & then scrunched the napkin in my hand, checking to make sure there were no totally white areas remaining. Then I bagged them up with like colors to set overnight, & washed the next day.

The dye technique is super easy & fast, & the random spots of colors on the napkins really increases their lifespan. Solid color napkins get one grease stain & it stays forever. These napkins, with their spots of color, easily hide any stain that resisted the washing machine.

I used cotton thread in the hopes that it would dye, but it stayed white. I asked at the fabric store when I went back & they sold me another brand of thread that is uncoated. So do ask if you're wanting your thread to also take up color.
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Nice! Thanks for sharing.
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