detobias detobias
Hi Alex
I am having a hard time getting a nice deep brown. The brown dye continues to give me (pretty) greens but not brown on my velvet. I have also tried equal ants yellow and black with less than half red and that doesn’t do it either. 
am trying for a rich brown for portraits of African Americans. 
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Jacquardmod Jacquardmod
I do think the brown is on the cool side(greenish).  The best thing to do is to add red.  It is going to dull that green and add warmth, which is good for skin tones like that.  It should honestly give you a darker color as well, which might be helpful.  When I do this, I usually start at 5% and then move up to 10 if I need more. 

So you are looking at about a gram of dye for 5%. You can dissolve a pack of red in a container of hot water and take 1/20 of that and add it to the brown.  If it looks especially green on your felt go ahead and add 10% red which is 1/10 of that solution.  
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