Bellknap Bellknap
Good day,
First of all I really did research this forum to see if I could find some help but I just couldn't seem to find what I needed.
I'm new to silk painting but I'm certainly enjoying myself. Many of my scarves it turned out fine but this one needs a little help. It's my first time really using this much black dye, I am using Jacquard green label, and when painting the scarf I went over the black twice.
That might've been the problem.
I set the dye using the stove top steam method
As you can see from the photo some of the black of the bottom part of the butterfly wings transferred over to the turquoise.
I would like to correct this in someway and I'm looking for your input and assistance. Should I try using some sort of color remover then going back over with the turquoise?
I realize I will never be exactly the same as the other turquoise so will probably have to form the background into some sort of background in order to have it blend and maybe use more than just turquoise.
Otherwise I was very pleaseed with the way the scarf turned out but again disappointed when I saw the spots!
Your input is appreciated. Lydia
Here is a link to a photo of the scarf:
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Jacquardmod Jacquardmod
That is really beautiful.

You probably can get that out using the decolourant paste. You can paint the paste on where you want to remove the color, let it dry and then steam iron it.

You may get lucky as Black is very easy to remove with deColourant, and Turquoise does not. You may be able to remove the black and not have to do anything else.
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