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Hi! First time dyeing fabric! I have a very light green silk skirt that I would like to dye black. I purchased the Silk Colors (green label) assuming I could use the immersion technique, and assuming I could do this with 3 ingredients: dye, water and large pot. So after doing a little research, it seems that my DIY project will be a little more complex than that :) I can't seem to find the answer to my questions, but hopefully someone out there can help…

Can I use the immersion technique with the green label silk colors dye?

If so, how much dye and how much water?

What other steps might I be missing? Time frames, other ingredients, temperature of water, etc…

I also purchased the Permanent Dyeset Concentrate. Tips?

THANK YOU!!! So much :)
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Hi Raylene,

You can use the Green Label Silk Dyes as an immersion dye. The primary reason we don't talk about it is because there are other dyes that are more cost effective for that method.
However, given that you have the dye already it is a fairly simple process to dye the skirt you have. Because you are dyeing a dark color you'll want to dilute the dye as little as possible so the amount of water you use should be just enough to allow the skirt to move freely in the pot. I'd say you'll probably need a full 2 ounce bottle of the dye as you will be diluting it quite a bit with the amount of water necessary. You will get the best results by bringing the water to a simmer and allowing the garment to 'cook' for 20 minutes to 1/2/ hour - stirring very often to ensure even uptake of the dye.
The best time to use the Permanent Dyeset Concentrate will be during the rinse process.
To recap:
In a pot (which is not used for food prep) fill with enough water to allow garment to move freely.
Add dye to pot before garment - mix well.
Wet garment - immerse into dye pot.
Slowly bring dye pot to a simmer, moving garment around often.
Allow to simmer for 20 - 30 minutes, moving garment around often.
Turn off heat - allow pot to cool sufficiently to handle the garment safely - continue to move garment around often.
Rinse garment with Synthrapol or liquid detergent using cool to warm water.
Once water begins to run clear and all detergent has been rinsed out create a bath of cool water and Permanent Dyeset Concentrate (using measurements on bottle of Concentrate). Swish garment around in the Dyeset for several minutes.
Final rinse with cool to warm water.
Make sure you use gloves!
One caveat - as I've not done this method myself I'm not sure how much dye to recommend - I'm hoping the 2 ounces will be enough, but you may find you'll need to repeat the process in order to get the depth of shade you are hoping for.

hope this helps
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