santaclaws santaclaws
[font=Arial]I'm looking for something to paint Croc's flip flop sandals with that will be permanent..colorful..and will not peel or split etc....Croc's are made of rubber...I've tried enamel and acrylics...India ink...first two crack and peel off after a while ...India inks aren't dark and colorful enouugh. A few folks told me pinata inks might work...will they adhere to the rubber shoes and not crack or peel? and will they last permanently if painted on the shoes? would I have to put a base coat of something before the inks? would I have to put an after coat of something (lacquer etc.) to preserve and keep shiny??? Please let me know your thoughts on this or any other products you think might work. thanks, Gus in Loui[/font][email=""][/email]
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Celia Buchanan Celia Buchanan
Pinata should adhere pretty well to the rubber though it may scratch off after time with wear so a clear spray coating might be advisdable. Pinata is transparent so whatever color you chose be aware that the base color of the shoe will affect it. ie yellow on a red shoe will make orange. Priming the shoe may work but you'll be up against the same issue of peeling etc with that unfortunately.
Good luck.
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bdbear10 bdbear10
Have you tried using Gesso on the crocs first and then whatever painting media you want? I've heard Gesso is a great primer, but I don't know if it will stick to rubber.
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