I have a large jacket that I am wanting to dye black. I was thinking of using my electric roaster as it's large enough, I can control the temperature, and plug it in outside to keep the house smelling good. Then I read that you cannot use your cooking device after using the dye. So then I thought, can you do it in a roasting bag? I have looked and looked to see if the chemicals will burn through the bag, but I haven't seen anyone say that yet. I image that if it can dye plastic without ruining it that it probably won't ruin a plastic roasting bag...

Has anyone tried this?
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Jacquardmod Jacquardmod
It will hold up to the temp, and it will hold up to the dye itself.  I have 2 big problems with this as I can see it.

#1 you are suppose to poke holes in roasting bags to keep the gasses builing up from exploding the bag.  That leaves dye to get everywhere anyway.

#2 not being able to stir the jacket as it dyes is a big problem.  It will almost undoubtably lead to uneven dyeing.  

I think if you would somehow line the roaster with the bag and be able to stir it that might work.  Really it isn't like it would poison you, it is more like it is gross to paint and use your water glass as a way to wash your brushes and then wash it and drink out of it later.
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