Sorry if this was already a question in the forum.
I've got a 100% polyester baby sling and I would like to dye it. My concern is that the care instructions advice 40°C wash only and dying requires high temperature like 100°C.
Can it be destroyed if one time I expose the material to such a high temperature?
My other questions are, the original color is olive green, quite dark, if I use violet iDye Poly what outcome can I expect?
Can it be harmful for the baby if his skin is in contact with the dyed material during carrying?

Thanks for your answer,
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Jacquardmod Jacquardmod
The wash temp is because they do not want you to re-activate any dye and stain your other clothes.  Heat activates and re-activates the dye, so you should never wash polyester in hot especially with other poly or silk clothing.

The sling is likely somewhat elastic.  IF there is elastane or something else in there, it could be affected by the heat for a full hour of dyeing.  In my experience if you keep the dye job in there for under 20 min you are ok. I don't think you have any reason to worry.

The dye itself is not toxic at all, and is the same type of poly dye that was originally used on it.  Give it a good wash before you wrap the baby of course, but that baby will be safe.  

Now, the color is a real problem because you can't do much with Olive green.  Black would probably work, you could make it more of a hunter green just by adding green or better yet by using blue you could push that to a deep bluish green maybe.  

Purple and green will give you a greenish brown which will probably not be what you want.  

If I were you, I would dye it blue and go for a deep green blue.  Unfortunately removing polyester color is almost impossible.  It is not worth the time or the caustic chemicals like Lye that you have to use.  

If you post a picture, I could maybe give you more color options, but a neutral green really limits your options.  
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Thanks so much for your answer, it is already very usuful!
The material for sure 100% polyester, it is elastic because it is like a knitted fabric, so then dying sould be okay.
About the color, I am attaching a picture so you can see what it is like. It is quite dark already, if you have an idea how to get anther color I am glad for it. If not even black would be nicer for me than this kind of green. 

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Jacquardmod Jacquardmod
Yeah, it is soo dark already.  Dyes are transparent, so they stack instead of cover.  It is this color + another color.  If you 

dyed it yellow it would be more military green
Purple or violet it would look like a very dark bluish brown or black.
Blue it would be a deeper forest green
Red it would be close to black
Orange it would be yellowish or brownish black

A darker primary you could do something with it, but a dark secondary color is already so far down the hole to black.  
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