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I went through a batch of yak hair and Jacquard Olive Acid dye and the color was great. Then I got a bigger container of the dye and a new batch of yak hair, even tried another batch of hair, and i can not match the color again. I use the same methods, even tried hotter and cooler water but no match.

The last few tries produced a gold color tinged with green. I really need the olive to finish of an order, I tie fly fishing flies commercially.

The yak hair is white.
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[Deleted User] [Deleted User]
Hi Lee,

How frustrating!
There are a couple of things that might be going on here.
First, the new batch of yak hair might have been processed a bit differently. Second, would be the difference from one batch of dye to the next. I'd like to check the batch number of the new bottle of dye - it is a stamped number near the UPC code and if you happen to have the old bottle from the first batch of dye it would be great to have that batch number, too.

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