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I have been painting designs with Dye-na-Flow on pieces of carpet to make rugs. By carpet I mean the sort with a pile, some pieces have a high wool content, some are synthetic. It worked well, the paint didn't spread and permeated the fibres sufficiently to provide a bold pattern. The original one is a year old, is slightly faded ( I shouln't have vacuumed it I think) but otherwise in good condition.
Then I decided to make more to sell and had them professionally bound, it was then that it was pointed out to me that if you wet a cloth and rub the painted area, quite a lot of the colour would come off. I was devastated as you can imagine! My original rug had never been wet.
So, obviously, my question is....... how do I get round this? Would Airfix solve the problem do you think, or is there another solution? I have tried ironing but this didn't help. I have also been sourcing some sort of sealant like a water repellant spray, but as yet have not tried that method.
Please can you help?!
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