A few years ago, while getting ready to knit an item for my best friend, who is an avid supporter of his school team, I went looking online for the colors of the school he supported online. When I couldn’t find a yarn brand that could tell me the color of the yarn 100% for sure, I decided that I would dye the wool myself. And, so, my dyeing studio was born from humble beginnings.
I have used Jacquard dyes to create formulas for Pantone colors per school. I like the fact Jacquard has offered a large of collection of pure colors, allowing me to mix confidently. 
Giving back:
KnitPal has been campaigning for kids who do not have much in Pine Ridge Reservation.  We donate 3 pairs of socks with every order received.  In addition, I have been donating knitting needles to the girls on Reservation who are learning to knit. Please help us spread the word. (P.S. I have a knitting needle line on Amazon)   
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