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I purchased this Stamp Pad Dec 2012 and have been trying to find successful ways of using this ink. The only success I had was on recycled construction paper made by Fierro Paper Industries Ltd. A Canadian company in Toronto, Ontario. The colours used must be a solid dark colour. This company states that the paper is chlorine free and non-toxic. I also tested the ink on cheap dollarstore cardstock paper, but again only the solid dark colours work and not very well. I have my iron set at dry and at cotton setting and that's very hot. To achieve my results, it took longer than 5 mins. Therefore I believe that the ink works subject to the purity of the paper and only on dark colours. These two types of paper as far as I know are not acid free. If someone is able to give me the names of companies that makes the types of paper that works for this Castaway Stamp Pad, I would be appreciated this very much. My next testing will be on rags and cotton made paper. I do hope someone will read this and respond. Thank you.
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Hi Shirley,

Thanks for writing in.
Our Castaway Stamp Pads are designed to work with papers that have been dyed, not pigment colored, and dyes are, in and of themselves, either more or less resistant to discharging. Maintaining a list of companies or papers that work with the Castaway Stamp Pad (as there are so many of both) isn't something we've been able to manage.
The results you are experiencing are well within what I would expect to find if I were testing paper, however, the amount of time under the iron seems a bit much. I'd appreciated it if you would contact me directly at so we can brainstorm this together.

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