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Good morning! I attempted to dye my 100% white cotton slipcovers chartreuse last night (iDye). The result was a bright, neon, highlighter green. I was looking for more of a mustardy-yellow green, to match my walls, which are painted Sherwin Williams Sassy Green (which I have always thought were apple green. By apple green, I mean a real green apple, not the fake candy apple green). I like bold, deep colors (my house is teal, sassy green and a dark grey), not super bright neons.

I am pondering what the next best step would be. Should I re-dye them with chartreuse, hoping to get a darker, toned-down color? Or, should I try muting them with a grey? How much grey?

My other option is to dye over them with another color, like turquoise. I am not sure if the neon would show through, and I am also concerned that the turquoise would also be bright neon.

Lastly, I need to use my front load washing machine for all this. Stove top is not really going to be an option, so I am trying to avoid using the color remover.

I realize the easiest thing would be to simply dye them grey and move on. But, I like color....

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