JuWukela JuWukela
I own a store that carries the Pinata colors. Our customers are having some trouble making the Christmas ornaments. They are putting the transparent paint in first, sometime having trouble getting it to adhere. After the first layer dries, they put in white, to make the colors opaque. They say however that they are having trouble getting the colors to look as strong as an example that we had gotten from the company. Any ideas?
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Celia Buchanan Celia Buchanan
Are they applying the color to the inside or outside of the ornament? The color should be applied to the inside of the shape. Make sure the glass is clean and dry before applying the pinata. They could also try layering the color though that shouldn't be neccessary.
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becsflowers becsflowers
I wash my ornaments in a bowl of rubbing alcohol, inside and out, turning upside down on an egg carton to dry completely. I imagine the natural silicon (from the sand?) makes a natural shield over the glass as it cools that alcohol removes easily. My inks and paint stick just fine when my ornaments are cleaned with this method.
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