gvcharter gvcharter
Im wondering if anyone knows the portions if you are going to put the dye, water and soda ash in bottles? We did it last year for our tye-tye project and cant remember how we did it. It worked great--no soaking required!
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pburch pburch
Don't add the soda ash until you are ready to begin dyeing, as the dye will go bad quickly, within an hour or so, after the soda ash is added to it.

A typical recipe calls for dissolving one tablespoon (15 ml) of Procion MX dye per cup (250 ml) of water. (Start by adding just a little water to the dye powder, using a spoon to make a smooth paste, then gradually add the rest of the water.)

When you are all ready to dye, add 1/2 teaspoon (3 ml) of soda ash powder to each 8-ounce bottle, and shake to mix. Soda ash dissolves best at about 95°F.

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