Madebypenguins Madebypenguins

My question is surrounding clean up of tools. I run a hand-dyed yarn business, and whilst I have a studio I don’t currently have a dishwasher. It’s on my wish list :)

As such I’m currently handwashing all of my tools for handdye-ing, which is time consuming and given some problems in my hands not always that effective - meaning I can’t re-use glass jars for different colours as it might effect the end result.

How unsafe/safe would it be to put fully rinsed hard through my home dishwasher? I’ve tried to google but been unable to get a answer!

I use both the Acid and Procoin Dyes

Many thanks in advance

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theengel theengel
I would think that the greatest danger is contaminating your dye when you mix it again, because dishwashers leave residue. Maybe if you ran it two or three times. Think of it this way: suppose you filled up your sink, and washed your utensils in it, and then set them out to dry, without rinsing them. That's essentially what you do when you use a dishwasher. But after the second wash, it would probably be pretty clean... certainly after 3 cycles.
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Madebypenguins Madebypenguins
Ummm this is a good point, thank you. I will give them a quick rinse in my studio sink first removing most of the dye, I think a quick go over with a white cloth or kitchen roll will soon show if the dishwasher method works

What I don’t want to do is put them into the dishwasher I use for my plates if there is a toxicity risk

May just have to stick to doing it by hand
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Jacquardmod Jacquardmod
If you rinse before you put them in you are really pretty safe. The whole point of the dishwasher is that the water doesn't hang around to contaminate other plates. Also, dyes as we know are really super soluble, so it should wash away very close to 100%.

It seems difficult to imagine contaminating future loads even if you didn't rinse them first.

I would do this in my own home without any fear.
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