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I've been browsing around online trying to find the most helpful procion mx dye instructions, and I'm just getting more and more confused! Some websites say to add hot water, while others say to add cold. Which works?
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pburch pburch
Hot water makes the Procion MX dye react very quickly. If you dissolve the Procion MX dyes in hot water, they will react with the water before they ever get near your fabric. This causes extremely disappointing results. You should always dissolve your dye in lukewarm water, about 70°F to 80°F.

If your dye is in your fabric before it gets hot, and has thoroughly penetrated it, then there is no problem. Some people like to microwave or steam fabric with Procion MX dye in it, for faster results, or because their dyeing studios are below the minimum temperature of 70°F. To prevent ring-dyeing, in which only the surface of the fiber has dyed, it is important to give the dye time to soak into the fiber before heat is applied. Soda ash must be added before heating, to allow the dye reaction to proceed, or you can substitute acid if you are dyeing silk or wool.

If you ever mix Procion MX dyes with warm water, get them into the fabric as quickly as possible, in the hopes of getting some good out of the dye before it spoils.

The ideal temperature range for Procion MX dyes to react with fiber is between 95°F and 105°F (35°C to 41°C), but any temperature over 70°F will do, if you give the dye plenty of time to react.

Procion MX dye reacts three times more quickly for every 10°C rise in temperature (that's an 18°F rise).

See [URL=][U]About Fiber Reactive Dye[/U]s[/URL] for more information.

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