DyerDownUnder DyerDownUnder
Help! I've got a white cotton dress that I want to dye a bright colour (say blue or green), but only have access to a washing machine that has NO hot water feed (so can't even get warm water). I was thinking of using iDye, but it seems that you need warm/hot water for that. I don't have an appropriate sized pot for the top of the stove (or at least one that I would never be cooking in again).

What are my options? Is there another dye type that would work rather than iDye?
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pburch pburch
You'll get better, longer-lasting results on a cotton dress with Procion MX dyes, instead of iDye, and with Procion MX dye you can use water as cold as 70°F. If your machine's water supply is colder than that, use a five-gallon plastic bucket instead of your washing machine, with Procion MX dye, salt, and soda ash, and do a lot of stirring.

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