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Hi - I've been tie dying baby clothes for years using your procion mx dyes and never got a complaint regarding the procion mx dies bleeding - I do the soda ash soak before hand. Let sit for a couple of days. Hand rinse. Launder with detergent. Dry in the dryer. I usually wash the tie dyes and dry them 2 or 3 times before giving them as gifts.

My cousin just wrote me to say that the tie dye I gave my new baby cousin bled on the onesie underneath it when the baby got it wet with spit, and I had washed it twice before the baby got it.

This is a link to a pic of my baby cousin in the tiedye that presumably bled: [url="http://himmelfans.org/stuff/tiedye/cousintiedye.jpg"]http://himmelfans.org/stuff/tiedye/cousintiedye.jpg[/url]

Any suggestions on how to make the colors more color fast? Does the tie dye just need a few more washings?

No one else has complained and I've given out a hundred or more over the years.

Can someone help me out with this issue? [email="ejb512@hotmail.com"]ejb512@hotmail.com[/email]


- Ellen
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pburch pburch
Always wash your Procion-dyed clothing in HOT water (140°F = 60°C), unless it's a delicate garment that cannot tolerate this treatment. I recommend rinsing in cool water, or running a cycle in cool water, to remove the auxiliary chemicals, before using hot water.

To test your dyed fabric, dampen it and press it between two white cloths with a hot iron (ideally one cotton cloth and one wool cloth, or just cotton if you haven't any wool); if there is any color transfer, you need to soak the piece in hot water and wash again. (Always perform this test before using any fabric for quilting!)

Different water supplies can make a difference. Softer water may encourage some loose dye complexed with calcium that came from your water supply to finally come free. Pin on a label advising the recipient to wash the garment in hot water the first time before use.It also helps to always use water softener (sodium hexametaphosphate) in your dyebaths and also, if your water is very hard, when washing out.

But don't worry too much. The dye that bled may be removed by soaking the other item in hot hot water and then washing in hot water. It's just loose excess dye, not bound to the fabric that it bled on, so hot water will remove it.

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