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I had previously used iDye Poly, and didn't remember seeing a color intensifier packet before. This time when I bought the dye, the color intensifier was included. I used it. BIG MISTAKE. The color intensifier gave off such intense fumes that we all had to wear bandanas around our faces. I absolutely do not remember toxic fumes from before (you'd think I'd remember something like that), so I can only assume it came from the color intensifier.

Well, now I have a problem because the thing I was dying was a microfiber baby blanket. I have washed it several times and have hung it in the breeze for a couple of weeks. When I put my face to the blanket, it STILL smells like chemicals.

Has anyone else had this problem? Any ideas for how to get the smell out? I have about three months until my friend has the baby to make it smell NOT-toxic.
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satinwine2004 satinwine2004
7. Rinse the fabric. Remove the fabric from the dye pot and immediately plunge it into the pot of 180oF (82oC) water. Water below this temperature leaves residual Dye Carrier NSC crystals and an unpleasant odor in the fabric which is VERY difficult to remove.

8. Wash the fabric. Discard the dye bath down the drain and refill the pot with 160oF (71oC) water. Add � tsp (2.5 ml) Synthrapol. Transfer fabric from the first rinse pot to this wash pot. Stir intermittently for 5 to 10 minutes.

9. Rinse in hot water and extract excess water. Smell the fabric. If you detect the odor of the carrier in the fabric, repeat steps 7 and 8. If you don’t detect the odor, finish by drying the fabric.

The Dye Carrier NSC is essential to achieve dark shades but is optional to use in the dye bath for pale to medium shades. Keep in mind that you’ll get a darker color dyeing a pale to medium shade if you include Dye Carrier NSC in the dye bath.

the above is a snippet from another site regarding dying polyester with another brand of polyester dye.
I believe that the dye intensifier is what is referred to as Dye Carrier NSC and that is what was in the dye that you used which caused the chemical smell. It sounds like residual Dye Carrier NSC/Dye intensifier left residual crystals of the chemical on the fabric as noted in step 7 above. Based on that theory, I think that your only chance of getting rid of the smell is to basically put the blanket in a pot of boiling water for maybe 20minutes in hopes of dissolving the remaining crystal that is clinging to your blanket. Then I would have another boiling pot of water with the Synthropal an agent that is used to scrub material for dying as in step 8. then follow step 9. This is just my analysis of what I think is going on and why and why I recommend the proposed remedy. Hope that this helps. Please post results of whatever you do decide to do for others to learn what works and what doesn't. Good luck and best wishes. Thanks.

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satinwine2004 satinwine2004
just a quick clarification to my proposed remedy, when I say pot of boiling water, I mean you need to continue boiling the water or synthropal while the blanket is immersed and you need to stir it continuously so that the crystals evenly redisolve in the water. thanks.
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