hi! I’m trying to make a bright Gold/green, and then a slightly browner shade after that- maybe bright green/ mustard?
I really like the simplicity and ease of the idye system, (and I haven’t been having much success with Procion dyes, although I did get them from somewhere else).  I saw you have really good suggestions for blending a color mix for other people, I thought you could help me too . I can send some pictures of the color I’m looking for if it would help you figure it out. Thanks!
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Jacquardmod Jacquardmod
Always helps to see the colors.  One thing about Procion dye is that you cannot get the depth of shade you get with Idye unless you lose a lot of salt.  Without salt you can get lots of bright colors, but not really any deep ones.  Also more risk for cloudiness or uneven dyeing from procion because they react so slowly.  It means 2 min in the bath and 2.5 min in the bath look different.  Idye isn't like that.  It very evenly and quickly dyes it.  There are pros and cons.  

Idye is more even and fast but hot temp

Procion is a colfder temp, and is more washfast.  Usually brighter. 

have you tried the Chartreuse before?  If not it sounds a lot like the one you want with the gold green.  If not, if you can tell me what you want different than the Chartreuse that might make sense. 

You can brown that down either using brown or by hitting it with a complementary color.  The one closest there is probably purple.  You would use that in any amount.  If you add it to your green yellow at 5% it will just be slightly deeper, 10% it will be obviously darker.  More than 20% is getting into browns.  
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