warren warren
hi i,m dyeing wool jacketsbut could do with the color remover to take away the gry color allready in the wool cloth,

can you tell me if your jacquard color remover will remove the dye in wool cloth ?
and if not are there any other products that will ?

i,v dyed these jackets befor with grate results and very little to no shrinkage :)

many thanks for any help,

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JennyR JennyR
The effectiveness of Jacquard Color Remover or iDye Color Remover (or any other thiourea dioxide product) will depend on the particular colorant used on the fabric. Pigments won't remove at all and dyes will either:
1.) Remove nearly all the way.
2.) Remove most of the way.
3.) Remove to a completely different color.
4.) Not remove at all.

The reason for the wide range of results is because some dye colors are "immune" to the chemical, while others are not.

Color removers work best with hot water (stove top method)-just like the Jacquard Acid dyes that you may have used when previously dyeing wool. Because of the temperature, shrinkage is going to be a concern and so is felting. It will be important to raise and lower the temperature slowly and stir gently to reduce the likelihood that this will occur.

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warren warren
thanks for the extra info,
i,v got some on order from a UK suppler so fingers crossed it will have some effect on the wool,

when i dye large items i use an old victorian 1880 "marvel" wood burning field boiler, heats 5 galls in about 20 mins grate old bit of kit
i can fit upto 2-3 jackets at a time for dyeing,

thanks again
i,l post up when i have tryed this out,

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