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I wanted to make very fine black lines on my silk scarves, so I added black color to water based resist in a bottle with a fine tip. The paints I use are Dye-Ne-Flow and the resist is Jacquard.
Once all the paints and colored resist is applied, I allow it to dry for 18-24 hours, I then heat set the paint using an iron. The scarf is then gently washed and I squeeze the excess water from the scarf and I re-iron the scarf while it is a bit damp.
The paints without any resist are set perfectly on the scarf, however the lines I made with the colored resist fade a they leave shadowed-like images on the scarf.
I'm guessing that when I sqeeze the excess water, the black resist lines are not completely dry and therefore leave an impression upon the area that they are touching.
Do I need to allow the scarf to air dry longer, or is there something else that I am doing wrong?
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Hi Spinner,

My best guess is that because you are using the Dye-Na-Flow to color the resist, and because you are being careful to not dilute the resist too much there is not enough pigment to give you truly black lines. (This is not a method I've tried myself so I am basing my guess on what I know about the two products.)
One way to get around this, short of using a dye rather than a pigment, would be to use either the Permanent Water Based Resist in the black color or to use one of the more pigmented paints like Neopaque added to the Clear Water Based Resist (not my first choice). Both will leave you with a bit of a hand where you have applied the resist lines so you'd want to test to make sure that was acceptable to you.
Another alternative would be to use an antifusant like No-Flow. No-Flow is applied to the silk before painting and allowed to dry completely. Once dry it impedes the flow of the paints and allows for greater control during application. You could then apply your outlines of Black Dye-Na-Flow with a fine brush and proceed with painting the rest of the scarf as usual. It is important to work with a minimal amount of paint on the brush, at least until you have a handle on how the paint flows through the fabric. This is a very effective method for painting silk when you want more control over the flow of paint (or dye).

hope this helps
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