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I have a %100 polyester dress i would like to make an olive color, but the poly dyes only come in basic colors. I thought about trying to combine a little of green and brown to produce a olive color, but will that even work? how should I go about this?
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Hi Busy,

Thanks for writing in.

Creating your own colors by combining dyes is very doable.
Creating a specific color (especially if you are trying to create an exact, specific color) would require a fair number of dye test runs with different ratios of dye. However if you are willing to shoot for a general olive color I would recommend starting with a 15:1 ratio with green being the greater amount of dye.
Pre-dissolve both dye packets in one quart of hot water each, in separate jars. Working with the two dye liquors, create a third jar of dye liquor starting with the ratio above. You'll get a general idea of the end results from the dye liquor, but really only a general idea. If at 15:1 you think the green is still too bright you could add incremental amounts of brown until the liquor looks close to what you are shooting for. The darker dye can quickly overpower the lighter dye so adding the brown a tiny bit at a time is important.
One other thing...you don't say if the dress is white or another color now, but keep in mind if there is color on the dress now that will affect the end results.

Have fun!
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