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I am trying to figure the amount of permanent dyeset needed for a 14" X 72" scarf. The instructions on the bottle say to mix 1 oz per 3 quarts of water and that one quart should be prepared for 42 square inches of fabric. With a 14" X 72" scarf there are 1008 square inches. With that many square inches the amount needed comes out to around 16 gallons of solution. However, instructions on the Jacquard website says that for a 36" X 36" piece of fabric which is 1296 square inches that you only need 3 quarts of solution. So....I am really confused on the amount to use. It seems crazy that I would need something like 16 gallons of solution for one scarf. Please help!
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Hi Cindy,

Yes...we are aware that somehow the instructions on the label for the Dye Set Concentrate are off-kilter. We are in the process of fixing that.
The instructions from the website are good - essentially you need 1/3 ounce of Dye Set per quart of water. Mix up enough solution to allow your scarf/fabric to move about freely.
And not sure if we say this on the website, but I've found a shallow rectangular or square container works best for rinsing with the solution. It helps me keep the scarf from folding onto itself.

hope this helps
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