Hi, I am new to airbrushing and I was wondering if anyone could help me with two issues I am experiencing.
1. when painting on hard (non-porous) material the paint is being blown across rather than painted the way I want
2. I have a problem to draw long continuous lines, almost as if paint gets dry not only on the needle but also in the channel so the lines are rather intermittent. I tried to add medium but there seems to be no difference. I also tried Vellejo airbrush flow additive which improved drying of the paint, however paint becomes more transparent.  I am using Harder & Steenbeck 0.2mm and 0.4 mm 
Any ideas, please?
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Jacquardmod Jacquardmod
Are you sure your needle and tip are good?  The intermittent thing screams tip and needle not joining perfectly.  The medium should thin sufficiently to get a continuous line.  If you get teh same issue thin or no, that likely means damage to tip or needle, most likely tip. .2 makes sense it is very small, but the .4 shoudl be ok.  The test is no matter the pressure, no matter the thickness, I am not getting continuous spray.  That is damage to the airbrush parts.  If it is really drying on the internal parts, you can add some retarder to it.  We don't sell it, but you can use the createx brand or any brand of retarder for acrylics.  they are all essentially the same stuff.  

You need an anti-sag additive to the paint for non-porous surfaces.  That is pretty easy, but will exacerbate your issue with the non-continuous spray.  You want to add a little chalk to your paint to give it something more substantial to cling to when hitting the metal.  Should keep it form dripping too.  Just a pinch.  See what works for you.  
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