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I dyed a bamboo/cotton shirt and the thread stayed white. I found out that the thread is cotton/poly, if I want it a different color I understand the only options are to use idye poly on the stove or use a marker and mark all the threads. I don't want to see lines from marker on the shirt, I'm thinking the idye will look better?? The shirt is a deep color, please tell me if using the marker will show up on the shirt. I would prefer if threads are a medium color, not very particular, not white and not a very light color. If using the idye poly, I don't want to use a packet of the dye for only one shirt, I would rather measure it out and use the rest another time. Can you do that? .. Are these the only suggestions? If I need to use idye, for the next time can I put dye for cotton (not idye) and idye poly together and only have one step?? Any suggestions.
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Hi Jolee,

The industry standard is to use poly or poly blend threads on garments regardless of the fabric type so this happens a lot.
As to your specific questions: Using a permanent marker is certainly an option, though you will want to ensure that it is a permanent-for-washing marker. Our TeeJuice Markers are a good option. To the concern that the marker color will not show up on the shirt - the only way to know that is to do a test in an inconspicuous area of the garment.
If you wish to use the iDye Poly you could use a portion of the packet. There are a couple of ways to do that - either snip the packet and pour out a portion of the dye powder or (my preferred method) dissolve the entire packet in a quart of very hot water and use a portion of that. (The remaining dye liquid can be stored for several months in a cool cupboard - and of course always mark the containers well.)
To ensure a good dyeing of the threads you will want to follow the directions on the packet for dyeing polyester.

hope this helps
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