Nunofelting68 Nunofelting68
My sister and I have been dyeing wool roving using the crockpot. We found that at the 1 hr. stage the heat from the crockpot is registering 180 F. Our wool is not absorbing the color even when it is left to cool overnight. Wool color is medium light and texture of the wool is good. How do we get the wool to absorb the color better.
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Asher Asher
I'm sure we can figure this out, but I'm going to need little more information first... Please answer the following questions, and then we can figure out what to do to address the problem

1) What type of dye are you using? (acid dyes? PMX dyes? direct dyes?)
2) What type of fixative are you using? (vinnegar? soda ash? citric acid? none?)
3) What concentration of dye are you using? (what is the dye to water to fiber ratio?)
4) How are you rinsing the fabric after dyeing?
5) Are you pre-washing the wool before dyeing?
6) What type of wool is it? (sheep? alpaca? goat?)
7) What colors are you using, and are you having similar issues with all colors?

My first response would be to suggest that you not let the dye bath cool overnight. Usually you want to remove the fiber from the hot dye and rinse it immedietly in warm to cool water. Allowing it to slowly cool can be problematic... However, there are so many variable when it comes to dyeing, especially with wool, that I'll need more information before I can confidently offer a remedy... Let me know!
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