theengel theengel
For this shirt, I started by folding the shirt in half, and doing a twist, starting at the collar and working down just a couple of inches. Basically, it's the same way you would do a spider shirt, only you're twisting from the very top and then stopping, so that a large portion of the shirt is free. Use one loose rubber band to hold the twist together, then another tight rubber band to separate the twist from the rest of the shirt.

Then take the rest of the shirt and bunch it into random folds, the way you would a crumple/crystal tiedye shirt.

The twisted portion, use two color dyes, one on each side. Depending on the fabric, you want to be pretty liberal with it to try to get rid of any white.

On the crumpled section, use the method I described here:
You have to be careful to keep the two sides separated from each other.

One day in a bag, then unband, rinse, and there you have it:
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Jacquardmod Jacquardmod
That is really cool. Departures form teh normal way of doing things leads to great results!
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