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noob question - I have a bright forest green wool scarf that Im hoping to tone down and darken using some 609 scarlet and the stovetop method.  If the scarf weighs less than a quarter pound and can compress down to the size of a medium apple, how much water (gallons) and dye powder (teaspoons or tablespoons) should I use?  
I'm not trying to skimp on dye - im fine to use the whole 1/2 oz jar if necessary.  i just dont want to go overboard.

many thanks
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Jacquardmod Jacquardmod
Hey Mark,

Don't use the whole jar!  The thing about toning is you can make the color deeper with a very small amount of dye.  It is usually about 10% of the total dye load. So, most dye jobs would be around 4-6% of the weight of the fabric.  You want to use more like .4% for the toning amount.  That means if you use a whole jar on scarf that is half an ounce.  That is about 2 tablespoons.  2 tablespoons is 6 teaspoons.  So you want about half a teaspoon of dye which isn't much.  That will knock the color down about 3 shades of vibrancy and deepen the tone.  You can add more, that will really push it toward brown though, which I think you probably don't want.  If you did a teaspoon you would probably be getting closer to a dull military green.  
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