birdy1 birdy1
PLEASE can somebody tell me how to get rid of the pink dye which is still in my front loader after running the machine on three 95c washes? I have been testing the wash on small items that dont matter like white face cloths, and they are still turning out a very obvious shade of pink. I have a pile of whites to do, and starting to panic now. What can I do?
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JennyR JennyR
Have you added bleach to your wash water? In my experience with a top-loader, all I've had to do is do an empty, hot water, extra large wash with bleach and let it go through the entire cycle and any remaining dye disappears. I would think that the same thing would apply to a front loader although if it senses the fill level you might have to add the cloths like you've already done.

As long as the washing machine is draining properly then that should work.

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