I have a dress that weighs 815 grams and a piece of the exact same textile which I'd like to use for testing my mixture. The testing piece weighs 95 grams. I was adviced to use a quarter of one colour (so far independent of the weight of my dress) for my purposes. Do I adjust by percentage per weight to get reproducable results? ( I'd be dyeing polyester in a pot.)
So: should I use about an 8th of the original quarter for my testing polyester piece and then the full quarter (or more?) for the actual dress?
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Jacquardmod Jacquardmod

95/815 is 11%, so you would be better off using 1/10 of the amount of dye you want to use, so 1/10 of 1/4.  

That isn't as hard as it sound like.  Dissolve 1/4 of the dye in a quart.  Then take 1/10 of that for your test.  Adjust final dye amount appropriately.  
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