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Hi I am looking for the best product to direct dye small areas of tee-shirts then I plan to batik them after. I want the small area to be as intense as the rest of the piece. I have tried the presoaking in soda ash method and batching yet it did not work. Some of my shirts dried before I painted them, they got cold during the batching time and the ones that did work they came out pastel color as I probably didn't make the dyes strong enough. So many different variables. I'm not sure exactly which variable is most crucial for making this process a success, can you help?
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Hi Tia,

A couple of things to keep in mind with a project like yours.
Pre soaking with soda ash and batching is going to be the easiest method. Use the Procion MX dyes, make certain your applicator - brush, etc. - is not contaminating the pot of dye as you are making application. The best way to avoid that is to pour out a bit of dye into a separate container as you are making application, refilling as necessary. Painting onto dry soda soaked shirts should be fine - but you do want the shirts to remain damp during the batching process so covering them in plastic or putting them in plastic bags is a good idea. Temp is not crucial, but the Procion MX does like to have a bit of warmth so if you can set your plastic wrapped shirts in the sun for a bit that will facilitate the process.

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