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I bought some illuminating acid dyes from fibercraft in the U.K. I plan to mix the primary yellow or golden yellow dye ( per fibercrafts suggestion) with Jacquard discharge paste and apply to crepe de chinea dyed naturally with cochineal. What experience, or advice do you have with this method of removing color and replacing color on natural dyed fabric?
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pburch pburch
Do a small test first, without the acid dye, to see whether cochineal loses color, the way you want it to, with your discharge paste.

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[Deleted User] [Deleted User]
It is a common technique to incorporate a discharge medium such as our [url=""]Discharge Paste[/url] with a non-dischargeable dye, such as the Violet in our [url=""]Acid Dye [/url]series and then apply that onto fabric dyed with a dischargeable color (for instance Sun Yellow [url=""]Acid dye)[/url]. After steaming or ironing (as the Discharge Paste needs hight temps to work) the dischargeable color will leave and the nondischargable color will replace it.
The question is, are the two colors you wish to use dischargeable or not. In order to know that you will need to contact the company that manufactured the dyes you are using.
Dischargability is rated on a scale from 1 to 5, different dyes range through this scale. We provide the information needed to do this type of printing with our dye colors at our [url=""]technical info[/url] page for those colors which are not mixed colors.
The alternative is testing, as Paula suggested.


Information is all important when doing this kind of work.
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