detobias detobias
i have used idye poly for several years to dye stretch velvet. You have been so helpful along my journey by answering questions. I recently obtained a sampler of another conpany’s disperse dyes and I have experimented a little. Is there a unit of measure that is used to state the strength of disperse dyes? They could not answer the ? These seem more intense and I do not want to incur more possible toxicity. I wear a mask when dealing with the powders. Also their recommendation is to use citric acid in the rinse. I have never done that with disperse dyes. Thanks!
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Jacquardmod Jacquardmod
I have always heard to use soda ash in the rinse, as it removes and crocking.  Never heard acid before I will try that. 

There is not exactly a unit of measure for dye strength.  Usually a dye will come as a percentage.  Some come as 100%, some come as 200%.  It depends on the reaction that makes the dye.  Generally speaking 4% dye is considered a med to dark shade for most dye classes.  Our disperse dyes are supposed to be 100%.  So you might have gotten your hands on a 150 or 200 maybe.  We don't sell those because crocking is worse on those.  In a pressure cooker though it  might be better.  

You might try using 75% 50% and 25% of what you normally would and see how they look.  Most likely the strength is in a standard interval like 200 or 150%. Are these high energy or low energy disperse dyes?  We only sell the low energy ones that can be used at water boiling temp.  The high energy ones require pressure.  
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