straypanda straypanda
How do I dispose of the water after I'm done dying with an iDye Poly color? I dont want to stain the sink and am worried about pouring the water out in my backyard without staining anything or killing off some plants. Is it even safe to pour down the drain?
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[Deleted User] [Deleted User]
Hi Panda,

I regularly dispose of my dye into my sink, however, I have an enamel sink and there is a possibility that if yours is one of the newer poly types you could get some staining if there are scratches in the surface. If you are concerned you could dump it into your toilet - so far as I know all toilet bowls are still enameled.
Also, allowing the dye to cool to room temperature will help in preventing any staining and if you do get a bit of sticky color a powdered cleaner will remove it.

hope this helps,
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Does disposing the iDye Poly in septic tack ruin the septic tack by killing the microorganisms???
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Jacquardmod Jacquardmod
It should be no problem in the septic tank.  Does not affect the microorganisms.  If you were actively having problems with the tank, I would probably dump it in the garden instead just to eliminate a possible variable, but really it is not an issue.  
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