I am hand painting onto PFD Cupro which is a cellulose fiber fabric. I am using Jacquard Textile Colors. On my first test I heat set the fabric with an iron and then wash tested it and some but not all color came out. This time I was planning to heat set as well as use the Permanent Dyeset. Two Qs:
-Do I need to use the dyeset at all? I did a few other things to help retain color (painted on fabric that was a less wet than the first time-I did this because I actually want a bleeding color look- and I also used different tools to apply paint- squeegee instead of synthetic paint brush) The reason I ask is that it seems it is mainly for silks.....but Cupro is more like rayon as far as how it is sourced/made
-If you DO recommend the Dyeset should I use the red label or green label (I bought green label but I can return it!)

Thank you so much!
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Hi Britt,

The Dye Set Concentrate will not help with fixing the Textile Colors. It is designed for use with fiber reactive dyes only and the Textile Colors are a paint/pigment.
If you want a more flowy/bleeding color and want to stick with a pigment/paint you can use the Dye-Na-Flow paints. They are more transparent than the Textile Colors but flow beautifully.
Also, while you can use the Green Label Silk Dyes on cellulose fiber I would recommend testing before committing.

hope this helps
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