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I recently purchased the iDye Poly and iDye products at a local art store to dye some garments. I borrowed my friend's stainless steel pot, added water, stirred the dye into the water, and turned on the stove. I then read the part of the instructions that says: Note: Utensils and pot for dying should not be used for food. I immediately turned off the heat, removed the dye from the pot and washed it thoroughly. :o

Is this pot safe to use for food:confused:

I'd hate to have to replace the pot for my friend because it is quite an expensive pot:( At the same time, I want my friend to be safe:)

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Hi Mark,

We always encourage using utensils that are not going to be used for food prep, and otherwise encourage good housekeeping as regards dyeing. However, as the pot is stainless steel and presumably you will first THOROUGHLY wash and rinse the pot and with the understanding that the final decision is yours it is most likely just fine to return the pot to your friend for use in food prep.

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