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I am new to silk dying and am trying various forms of gutta. When I put black solvent based gutta (Jacquard brand) on a silk scarf I've noticed that it stays "tacky". I tried to iron a scarf with black gutta on it but the iron sticks to the gutta. The newsprint even stuck to the gutta when I steamed my last project. This was after the gutta had dried for 24 hours. Does it just take longer to dry? I am also having this problem with the permanent water based Jacquard resist - I used the "russet" metallic resist (which also stuck to the newsprint when I steamed it). Can you tell me what I'm doing wrong? I was hoping that the resists would be incorporated into the fabric. How do I fix this problem? Thanks
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Jacquardmod Jacquardmod
The solvent based gutta always stays a little tacky, but it will be worse if there is more solvent in it. It will also soften and get tacky upon heating with the iron. You should always heat from the reverse side for this reason.

Usually we would expect these 2 resists to be used in the opposite scenarios. The gutta when steaming and the permanent water-based when ironing. Those would be the more appropriate uses.
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