Jay Lamb Jay Lamb
Hello, I am using Dorland's wax medium with powdered pigments. I have been sprinkling some pigments onto the already applied wax and would like to find a spray that I can use to coat everything to keep the pigments on top of the wax from wiping off. Obviously I cannot buff the piece as the pigments spread out over the rest of the piece. I know there are various spray waxes used for cars and snowboards, but I don't know which might work and which kinds of wax's don't yellow.
Jay Lamb
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Celia Buchanan Celia Buchanan

Dorland’s itself is often used as a wax varnish but you would have to thin it and somehow get it into a bottle so that it can be sprayed if brushing is not an option. Here is the link to our info page. [url]http://www.jacquardproducts.com/products/dorlands/index.php[/url]

As for the other options, I definitely think it would be advisable to do a test. All of the spray varnishes including the so called water based products have some solvents in them even if it is just as a propellant. A good artist quality dammar such as Blair or a good UV acrylic varnish may be the way to go. However I am not sure that water based acrylic varnishes will adhere to the Dorland’s Wax and any spirit based product will probably dissolve the wax at least partially.

Do a TEST!

Good luck.

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