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Hi, just joined the forums. Saw on Google that Jacquard now owns Dorland's wax medium. My questions re:

1) Can Dorland's be applied to shrink plastic prior to shrinking in an oven? ie any fumes or other risks?

2) Can Dorland's be used as a finishing coat to a final shrink art piece? I understand the finish is very durable & is matte. I would rub it on with a cloth.

I make shrink art jewelry & it would be great not to have to apply aerosol spray sealers. I also prefer a matte or low satin finish.

Thanks for this site & for your advice,
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Hi Lindy,

We wouldn't recommend applying the Dorland's prior to shrinking - the issue of where the 'excess' wax would go being the primary reason. You can heat Dorland's to liquid for thinner application using, of course, good housekeeping and good ventilation. Once the plastic is reduced the Dorlands's is fine to use and should give you just the finish you are after.

Hope this helps.

P.S. if you'd like an MSDS just contact us at customer service and we can get one right off to you.
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