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I'm in the middle of making a couple of rhythmic gymnastic costumes that are airbrushed using Jacquard's Dy Na Flow. It is excellent for airbrushing and the colours mix well however the dried and set paint is rubbing off on my hands. It is a blue stretch nylon lace and the paint has been airbrushed all over it to make an ombre effect, it has been painted a lot at the top to achieve a dark colour at the top, fading to a pale one. I heat set the fabric for the 3 mins with the iron on its hottest and the lace under a cloth. I kept the iron moving all the time so as to not burn the lace. I didn't use air fix because I initially forgot and then thought it would be ok to iron it.

Now I am doing the sewing the paint is coming off all over my hands and the lace now has fading patches appearing on it. I'm wondering if anyone has any ideas what might be going wrong and what i could do to solve the problem?

Ive used this paint before on smaller areas and it has been ok. However this time it is a larger area. I usually do my painting and airbrushing on nylon with dyes but it can be a bit of a faff with all the mixing, drying and steaming you need to do to set the dyes so I thought I would start to use Dy Na Flow for some projects.

Id appreciate any advice or thoughts.

All the best

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