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Hello, this is my first post. I've been dyeing for a couple years now, and usually I use the soda ash pre-soak. Just the other night, I switched, washed the shirts in synthrapol, tyed them right out of the washer, and added soda ash to the dye solution. I think the results were definately worth it. The color saturation is alot more thorough, there is very little of the original color of the shirt, and I don't get that huge puddle of wasted dye under the shirt. I geuss I wasn't getting enough of the soda ash out, and I was just pushing all that extra water out with the dye. Now, I get a little drib and drab here and there, but most of the dye goes into, and stays in, the shirt. I'm a happy camper. My girlfriend got me the tye dye kit years ago, I loved it, and have been using Jacquard dyes only. Great dyes. Now I'm going to have to buy bulk, those little 2/3 oz jars go too quick. Well, I'll be talking to you later, Peace, Dave.
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Hey Dave,

It's always great to hear ways folks are successful - did you still use the squirt bottles or use a single color immersion into the dye?

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