sylvia sylvia
please review and update your dying instructions! the front load washing method is not correct - it does goes thru the drain straight away before the washing circle has started! all dye is wasted ! i am very disappointed!!
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JennyR JennyR

We're sorry to read that your front loading washing machine didn't work. We have had tons of users follow the front loading instructions for iDye and have great results. This is the first complaint that we've ever received that the dye drained out. We suspect that it is unique to your brand of washing machine. We even use a commercial front loader at our facility and it works great.

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fillg fillg
I had same experience as Sylvia, followed instructions to the letter for the front load washing machine method, only to have the entire lot go down the drain as soon as i turned on the machine!! Not impressed!
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Asher Asher
When dyeing in a washing machine, I always recommend observing a cycle before going ahead with dyeing. What you'll want to determine is the point at which your machine starts its long, wash cycle. Some machines will start with a flush. This will flush all your dye down the drain if you introduce! You'll want to introduce the dye at the point when the machine fills with water and begins agitating. For most machines, this is right away. But you'll definitely want to make sure before you begin. Every machine is different. If possible, you can put the dissolved dye where you normally would put your detergent, as--at least theoretically--the machine will only wash the detergent (or dye) into the tub when it is ready to do its wash cycle...
I hope this is helpful. We will review our instructions on this point and modify them accordingly. Thank you for your feedback.
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