Mary Mary
I'm an elementary art teacher. With the job I also inherited the responsibility of getting all 350 of the kids' school shirts tie-dyed. :) I did this last year with soda ash and the Procion MX dyes and they looked great!

Unfortunately, one of my little ones experienced an allergic reaction or a sensitivity. Her skin was quickly covered in hives (red and bumpy) wherever the shirt touched her. This was of course AFTER it had been thoroughly washed and dried. Has anyone else here seen or experienced this? She is going to tie-dye another shirt this year and I am trying to determine if I should dye hers with a different brand, or skip the soda ash, or maybe it was just a specific pigment... any ideas?

Thanks for your help :)
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Celia Buchanan Celia Buchanan
You could dye the shirts with Dye-na-flow which is an flowable acrylic. the reaction could be to almost anything unfortunately.
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lovingmama lovingmama
I hope I am not too late in answering. Dye allergies are common. If she reacted poorly to the dyes, she will also probably want to avoid food coloring in food. Natural dyes (fruit juice, indiatree company natural dyes, vegetable dyes such as beet or spinach, etc.) are the alternative and they are much healthier for everyone!
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