delaneyfern delaneyfern
I am new to dyeing and want to set up with a portable burner as I don't have a second kitchen. The class I took used a butane burner with small cans of gas. There are also electric ones. I don't know how "strong" I need this burner to be to get a large pot up to temp and hold it there. How many watts for an electric one or how many BTUs for a butane one? The prices range greatly.

I want to start off right and not give up on dyeing just because I chose the wrong equipment.

Thank you very much.
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Celia Buchanan Celia Buchanan
I use a standard electrical hotplate or burner and could heat to boiling about 3-4 gallons of water in a large pan. I also used 2 in order to heat a vertical steamer to distribute the heat evenly. The higher the wattage the quicker it will heat a large volume to boiling or desired point. I purchased the electrical heaters in a kitchen or department store. I also use these in my classes.
Hope that helps.
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cvarendorff cvarendorff
I once had an excellent dye pot which was made of stainless steel, had about a 20 litre capacity, stood on four metal legs and had an electric element at the bottom of the pot which heated the water (an electric cord from the external base of the pot would be plugged into a normal 240 volt power point). I gave it away 14 years ago when I relocated, and have wanted to find another similar one since then! If anyone knows where such an excellent 'tool' can be found, I'd be most appreciative!
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