Bill Bill
I am cutting puzzles in wood using a scroll saw. I want to be able to mix dyes with vibrant colors to stain some of the wood pieces. Can the Procion MX dyes serve this use? If so, is there a procedure or treatment to minimize raising the wood grain. Would apply color by brush to individual puzzle pieces. Since each would only require a small amount of color at a time, can the solution be saved for later use?
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Whitti1 Whitti1
They do not have depth, like stain and then topcoat. But they are quick drying, and buying colors by the pint, is economical.
F.Y.I. Making jigsaw puzzles of antique prints, greatly de-values them. It is fun to make jig-saw puzzles, but it is a labor of love, little re-sale value. Weird, I know.
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Celia Buchanan Celia Buchanan
Yes you can use MX on wood but yes it can raise the grain. Try pinata color thats a pretty good wood stain also and it is an alcohol based dye. Coat with a UV protectant varnish to prevent fading.
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