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I just dyed a jacket on my stovetop in a large pot and transferred the dyed garment into a large, metal bowl for just a few minutes for it to cool and take down to the wash. I didn't realize that the bowl would dye too, now I'm wondering if it's safe to hold food? I know it's best to not mix food ware and craft ware, but I wasn't expecting the dye to, well, dye the bowl.

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[Deleted User] [Deleted User]
Hi Laru-o,

Thanks for writing in.
It is really quite unusual for dye to dye metal. Regardless, I would recommend assigning your large bowl to a new job in your craft endeavors.

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PeaceLoveSnapplee PeaceLoveSnapplee
I didn't know metal could hold dye. It probably isn't safe for food use anymore, but you can use it to dye smaller items like socks or something. I'd try to clean the dye out first though.
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